Contemporary Fine Art available for purchase.  Includes work by Northwest, Western and Southwest artists.


Christopher Rowland

M. C. Pierce

Kevin Red Star

Robert Gopher

Walter Peihl

Earl Biss

David Dragonfly

Ted Waddell

Martin Red Bear

Robert Freeman

Alden Archambault

Algie Piapot

Rosallie Paniyak


Jewelry, Artifacts, and Collectibles

Okvik Culture Shaman's Doll

Whale tooth and ivory oil lamp

Yupik Loon Mask

Arlook Stone Carving

Peruvian Incan Artifacts

Navajo Concho Belt

Inuit Artifacts (group 1)

Inuit Artifacts (group 2)

Plateau Beaded Belt

Crow beaded hairpieces

Athabascan leather moccasins

Zuni inlay necklace

Sioux Horsehair Hatband

Sioux Baby Moccasins

Crow belt buckles

Crow Beaded Ear Rings and hairpieces

Crow belt buckles

Crow Child's Moccasin

Woman's Floral Belt

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